Rainy Days

I found myself unconsciously humming an old tune call Rainy Days and Mondays  by the Carpenters that they recorded many years ago. The lyrics came to mind as I glanced at the gray skies and miles of white snow covered landscaping here in Lassen. The distant swollen creeks could be heard as the running waters tumbled over rocks and bounced along the creek banks. The force of the water eroded the soil and exposed roots as it pushed along through the grasses and roots from runoff while making its way to bigger waterways below.

The rains played havoc all over the Pacific stretching across the ocean and into the mountain ranges of California. The storms carried untold volumes of water and snow. Word from a friend in Hawaii shared they received three inches of rain per hour. Emails flooded in with news of neighborhoods, roads, and highways around our state speaking of closures and detours. Yet little spoke of water safety in flooded areas.

Water. It is our source of life yet we must also learn to respect it. You might ask what is meant by that. First, be safe if you are facing a flooded area. Venture forth in your car if the water is only scant inches deep and the water is still. Six inches of moving water can push against the direction you intended moving in your car. Needless to say, if water can redirect a car, it certainly would not have difficulty lifting anyone off their feet!

Respecting the water also comes in the form of conservation and taking responsibility for erosion control. In past blogs written for Marin Municipal Water District, I spoke of Brad Lancaster’s mantra, ” Slow it down, spread it out, sink it in”. That theory will help prevent the effects of erosion as well has help get the water back into the ground aquifer as the water seeps into the ground rather than running off. In essence, that is the ultimate form of conserving water while respecting and maintaining water on your property.

Be prepared for more weather and be safe. It’s a good weekend to cuddle up with a good book, a hot beverage of choice and enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

Have a great weekend.

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