Plant Junkie

There is no question about it. I am a certified – card carrying – plant junkie. If such a club or organization existed, my name would be right at the top. Plants seem to find their way into my care if I need them or not. I just can’t resist!

Often I wonder if this continued desire to experience the joy of various types of plants originated from working in the nursery for so many years. Like an addict, the thrilling memories pervade my senses when delivery trucks would dropped off unusual conifers coming in from Oregon. Those senses responded accordingly with delivery of hard to find types of fruit trees, colorful perennials and annuals as well as veggie starts or bulbs that contained the latest hybrid or strain. Like a sponge, the latest order forms sent from growers found me scrambling to learn more before placing an order. Delivery days were like Christmas!

As I write, those memories bring a smile as nothing has changed – only that the nursery experience finds this plant junkie as the customer instead of the owner. The addiction to plants seems that I can’t drive by a nursery without stopping in to see what is new and yesterday was no exception as I drove by a family-owned nursery on my way north of the ranch.

My car had a mind of its own – automatically driving up the nursery entry. Taking no responsibility for this unplanned stop, I walked through the greenhouses looking for something new – something unusual. I was not disappointed. Lo and behold, there sat the answer to a need. (And can’t an addict always come up with a need?) The deep pinkish red flowered plant would fill the desire as it caught my attention. You see, the reality was to search for a plant to compliment the feeding habits of hummingbirds migrating through Lassen County. At this time, my garden lack any deep-throated flower that these little hummers sought for extracting sweet nectar. The Gartenmeister fuchsia purchased earlier this spring failed to coincide its blooming time with these tiny migrating birds.

Alas, there was only four of these plants waiting to go to someones home. Yet, all four remaining plants lacked an identifier. The mystery to know this plant’s name would never revealed itself as the young fellow at the cash register didn’t know either! When I asked what the name was, his response was, ” it’s a plant”. With that, I put it out to the reader! Can you identify this treasure?

Mystery plant

Honestly, as a plant junkie, it made no difference if my purchase was an annual or a perennial – nor if it is a sun or shade lover – or what of it’s water needs. With experiment, I’d figure it out. The little hummingbirds will find sustenance and my craving for something new, even though there is no clue what I bought, would be satiated. Ah, the life of a plant junkie – such joy!

Stay cool and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Plant Junkie

  1. Charlene: Could your mystery plant be an “Abutilon” aka Flowering Maple – and I believe of the hibiscus family? I’m looking for one to replace several that I lost over the winter due to frost – had them for many years and loved them. It was a climber and had pinkish-orange flowers just a little smaller than a hibiscus – and the hummers loved them. We kept several out on the decks in the summer and inside in winter. I really miss having one.


    1. Barbara, You might be onto something there. I know Abutilon and the Abutilon I know does not have that deep throat as found with this plant. Plus the leaves of the Abutilon are maple shaped. The leaf shape of this plant does not carry those distinct maple leave characteristics. Yet there are enough similarities that makes me wonder if it is from the same family. More research is in order! Meanwhile, see if you can find replacements as they are beautiful plants!!!


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