Beauty Abounds

After a time of flitting about British Columbia, then returning long enough to take off to the coast of California, I finally came home to roost and write. The general consensus of these trips is to declare the beauty found within our land.

My annual fly fishing trip just north of Kamloops, BC always includes a drive through the little town of Hope, B.C. and to share its beauty with a family member. This year it was my son, Randy that joined me to take in the magnificence viewed in this bucolic town. The town is tucked within the spires of gorgeous mountain ranges and graced by the Coquihalla River that dumps into the Fraser River running along the perimeter of town. It is a planned destination not to be missed, nor do I ever regret including this stop despite adding hours to the long final destination instead of flying in.

Returning to Caverhill Lodge again promised glorious days to be hiked and fished in the wilds located just north of Barriere, B.C. It didn’t take long to soak up the beauty of wildflowers, wildlife, and babbling brooks that emptied into the pristine lakes. Knowing, while on the lakes, vigilant eagles and loons would watched our every cast hoping for a shared catch and easy meal.

The Loon on Triangle Lake

Wild flowers such as colorful Indian Paint Brush and Fireweed lined the logging roads as we traversed up mountains. Mushrooms of various shapes and colors dotted the rocky narrow paths where we walked. Wild blueberries and huckleberries provided tasty treats if so inclined to indulge along as we packed our fishing gear into the nearby lakes. The beauty of the lakes took ones breath away. Lily pads floated in many sections of some of the lakes around us. Their yellow waxy flowers magnified the contrasting intensity of the blue-black waters of the lakes. Oft times, our lines would get caught up in the thicket of lilies causing the need to row in closer to them to dislodge our lines, but also to appreciate the intricate flowers found within.

Wild blueberries and mushrooms abound

Sumptuous meals, delightful company and tranquility soon passed. Before we knew it, it was time to depart. Our dear BC friends urged for us to stop at the Othello Tunnels near Hope on our return. Once again, the experience and findings of these tunnels stunned the eye as well as the heart. Glacial turquoises waters of the Coquihalla River tumbled below the tunnels that were carved within granite mountains of stone. The former railway passed through this place of beauty carrying valuable minerals to the provinces beyond. The intense labored works and wonders of these tunnels gave pause for thought to the history of those railroads that also crossed our Sierra Mountain range and across our country so many years ago. I wondered how many know the history of these monumental works or take it all for granted now?

Alas, BC became a memory as I wash clothes and repacked before departing to the coastal town of Klamath with more dear old friends. Much to the surprise of my friends, this road trip included a small part of the state I’d not explored before. In the past we shared many a fun-filled day on the Trinity River – except this trip included voyages up the Klamath River.

The Klamath River
Photo credit: Larry Abernathy

The Klamath did not disappoint us. Our senses were delighted as we viewed elk and black bear at water’s edge. Eagles, osprey and blue heron flew above us or seen as we fished along the river. Despite the warm summer days, the lush green healthy forest seemed to provide a gentle cooling breezes. Again, the beauty found in nature offered salve to ones harried soul.

Despite what I experienced beyond my garden, the home garden reminded me it needed attention! Weeds grew, roses required deadheading, ripe fruits and veggies required picking, and yet the serene calmness of the beautiful trips with friends and family remain within this gardeners heart.

The beauty found in nature does not require taking exotic trips. The intricacies can be found within the flower growing outside your window, or seeing a yellow finch picking at the nyger seeds located in a well placed feeder in the back yard. Butterflies, dragonflies and frogs can also delight the eye. It takes but a moment to stop our busy schedules and enjoy nature. Just do it!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Abounds

  1. Such a lovely post. You described things in BC so well I thought I was right there with you. Enjoyed the photo of Klamath River – it is stunning.


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