Hawaii is Beyond Garden Gates

Orchids from Hawaii

While developing this website, I considered the name and the broad spectrum of writing about landscaping I hoped to achieve. This blog site required exploring various locations on my bucket list. as well as micro-climates and plant material found within far and away from regions beyond my garden gates. It was the word “Beyond” that captured my attention.

In the next two weeks, I will be going beyond the garden gates of sunny California to explore the sandy beaches of tropical Maui located within our 50th great state of Hawaii. This trip was planned more than a half year ago with my daughter, 6 granddaughters and 3 great granddaughters. Yes, there will be ten of us physically taking this trip together. Would you like to take that virtual trip with us? It is guaranteed that these women know how to have a great time – babies no exception!

Maui. It’s been many years since last visiting this island. One vivid memory is the morning run along the beach to capture the scent of wild ginger growing along the rock crevices. The early morning sunlight warmed the small white flowers tucked into the green foliage clinging to those rocky ledges and releasing the sweet fragrance from the flower. It was the incentive of capturing that fragrance that drew me before the beach disappeared under towels, umbrellas and beach toys.

As I think back, it isn’t only wild ginger that had that kind of draw. Hibiscus, plumeria, tuberosa and pikake are no exception to the delicate fragrances found as they vied for attention while walking along garden paths. It is no wonder that these flowers are used to make the beautiful leis featured throughout the islands. Without a doubt, our senses are on overdrive while strolling through Hawaiian gardens!

It is still a few days before takeoff. As I peer out the window here in northeastern CA, the skies are dreary, the air is cold as if to remind me to grab a down jacket before feeding the horses and donkeys. Last nights heavy rains dissolved what snow remained on the ground. The outdoor garden remains dormant and deep in its winter sleep. Yes, Hawaii sounds like a great escape at the moment!

Winter cold

With that said, the blog may be on hold for a week or so until my return, but I promise to share a bit of sunshine with all of you including the addition of a few photos of these wonderful flowers for you to enjoy as well. Spring is surely right around the corner! Will this blog tempt you consider adding a few fragrant flowers in your garden this year?

Have a great weekend.

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