Waking to two feet of a white wonderland of snow last week was both refreshing as well as beautiful. I smiled as the dogs romp and did “puppies in the snow” and watched the birds flitting to and fro pecking at their seeds in the trays before flying back to the nearest snow covered tree for respite before venturing back to the feeders. The horses and donkeys took refuge under the canopy of trees until they heard the barn door open signaling them to come up for their morning feed. The cold air brought flight to their step as they neared their hay.

A romp in the snow

It was the walk to the barn when it struck me – Where are the beautiful yellow daffodils that just opened up just days before? The snow was heavy and deep. The realization dawned that this weight was bearing down on those daffodils as the white flakes spilled up and over the top of my Muck’s and brought a chill to my bones.

I wondered if the daffodils would be frozen solid, or if their pretty flowers would emerge tattered or stems found broken under the weight of the snow. Several days later, my questions were answered. The snow melted slowly, and bit by bit tiny spots of bright yellow petals appeared. Amazingly, these harbingers of spring in Lassen County revealed their strength and endurance. The melting snow gave way to the sunshine yellow in the otherwise dreary landscape.

Sunshine, bright and beautiful

Those flowers and storm were a great reminder to me that we are all facing a storm of unknowns. I think of those daffodils that lay in their own type of sequestered state – not of their chosing as we all now face. They carried the weight of the snow surrounded by icy conditions, and yet they emerged from a harsh environment to shine forth in welcoming glory.

To all of you – stand still and know this too shall pass. Keep communications opens to everyone by phone or email. Let folks know you are there and they are cared for by hearing your cheery hello. See if there is something someone needs if help is warrented. As my grandchildren say, “Just be nice to each other”. We are all in this together and we will all emerge through this storm as did those pretty daffodils!

Meanwhile, be safe.

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