Nature’s Gift

A tub of Tulips

A cool breeze waifed through the open bedroom window this morning waking me up. Before my eyes opened, a beautiful choir of birds chirped out a song leaving me in wonder of what feathered friends sang such a lovely tune. The melody must have caught “the boys” attention as my line of vision took in two felines sitting on the window’s ledge taking in the aerial show.

I suspect the visitors migrated through the area as this songbird was new to me. The visit gave me pause for thought as I contemplated other migrations and natural events taking place despite the shelter in place edict.

We may alter or halt our daily activities, but nature does not stop. Our plants still awaken from their winter dormancy. Spring blubs provide a colorful show and offer a bit of cheer to our homes if we take advantage of using some for cut flower arrangement. Trees bloom, fruits form and unfortunately, weeds sprout right along with the seeds we’ve sown for vegetables and summer flowers.

The daily gift to myself is going to that happy place in the garden to see what surprises are laying in wait. Asparagus are popping forth and rarely make it into the house as grazing from the garden is always permitted here! The buds on the peonies are swelling by the day, yet two weeks ago one could barely see the plant emerging from the ground. Bareroot apple trees just planted are showing a hint of red tucked into the leaves as they break forth…can it be? Apple blossoms on such young trees? Gifts!

Every day in the spring garden is like Christmas. What a treat! And the treat also includes photos from friends sharing their gardens in bloom. The blessings come in from distances as far as British Columbia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Texas, Idaho and of course my dear friends and some former students in Marin. Many of their gardens are much further along due to warmer climates, while others are still digging their way out of snow.

Early spring color of Turkish Speedwell and naturalize Pansies

It is that gardener’s heart that push us to grow new plants, tend to existing gardens and build more~ For example, raised planters are quite the “in” thing. We could build raised planter boxes out of the finest material or find and repurpose materials that nolonger serve its intended purpose.

Yours truly did the later of the two options this week by using the styrofoam building blocks used for the construction of my “polysteel” built home with its R50 rating. A few blocks were left over and seemed to fit the need of building raised planters for the berries designated to live in the wired hoop house. While these raised planters will never win a prize for beauty, they will suffice for holding soil and providing an insulated root zone for the freezing temperatures found in Lassen County. The gift will be the harvest from the Loganberries, black berries and raspberries tucked in. However, I am certain the birds won’t find this arrangement to their liking as the construction allowed for beneficial insects to enter, but the gauge wire is too small for other critters to intrude.

Repurposed raised planters

Take a moment and find the gift…the happy place you can get lost in as we all continue on keeping ourselves and others safe. The growth may be found from within ourselves as well as our plants. Time and reflection are great sources for that kind of growth.

Be well…

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