Things Gone Wild?

The inconsistent weather of rain, snow, hail, and sun, tending to the newly planted vegetable garden and pulling weeds that persistently demand attention had my focus on everything and everywhere but the front garden.


It was that time of year that peonies would steal the show out front and back, as well as the promised roses forming buds with their soon-to-be kind of “wow”. The stately iris adorned the gray foliage of lavender growing below as noted while driving past usually around sunset.

While pleasing to behold, none of the colorful displays surprised me as these plants grew by these hands that tucked them into the earth. Yet, there was a real eye-opening surprise that caught me unaware today as I opted to pull some noxious weeds out front before they bloomed and scattered their seeds everywhere.


Much to my delight, California poppies took over a good portion of the front yard.  Varied shades of yellows and oranges found their way in and about the iris in bloom.  Bits of lilac sage could be seen popping up through the mass of this California native plant.  It truly was the joy of viewing a native plant gone wild.


Native plants can easily naturalize in an environment that is conducive to their growing habitat.  Sun exposure, pH soil conditions, irrigation needs and nutrients are ideal for native plants to thrive.  It takes very little work if all the conditions are met for native plants to fill in.  The biggest job requirements with these poppies is cutting them back in the late fall when their mission has completed providing beautiful blooms. A very small price to pay for the beauty they offer.

With all the unrest and uncertainty we are experiencing of late, nature continues to provides a consistency we can count on.  For me, there is peace and tranquility found in the garden.  Take a walk and find that for yourselves. Get lost in the scents found there, touch the textures of leaves, seek the inner peace found within.  Afterall, it all started in a garden…


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