About Charlene

Soil was underneath my fingernails since birth – or so it seems. My passion for gardening goes back as far as I can remember. I was born and raised in Marin County, California which provided the optimum Mediterranean climate for any gardener to set down roots as the unique mild wet winters and dry summer climates are only found in five regions of the world.

Given those ideal gardening conditions, I followed my love of gardening by practicing what seemed to come naturally to me. I worked in a retail nursery for years, attained my degree in landscape architecture, and acquired certificates as an arborist, in rainwater catchment design, and as a UC Master Gardener in the high elevations of Lassen County, California which challenged my knowledge of working under perfect garden conditions. I also helped write and teach the Qualified Water Efficient Landscape program that is taught throughout multiple states. In addition, further employment at Marin Municipal Water District as a water conservation supervisor allowed me to expand my education into the world of how water affects the world surrounding us. It is during this time I began writing landscape blogs that allowed for me to share years of experiences with the readers. The College of Marin took note of my background and asked that I teach irrigation design to many students. That experience offered yet another avenue to learn as many attending those classes shared their knowledge of plants, sustainability and various forms of ecology with me.

Since retirement, I now reside on a 160-acre ranch in the northeast corner of northern California with a multitude of animals and a garden that offers an ongoing challenge of working in anything but the temperate climates as found during my childhood. The expansion of those challenges keeps my interests in the world of landscape gardening sharp and provides a greater avenue to express my knowledge through these blogs.

Thanks for sharing these memories with me.

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