Things Gone Wild?

The inconsistent weather of rain, snow, hail, and sun, tending to the newly planted vegetable garden and pulling weeds that persistently demand attention had my focus on everything and everywhere but the front garden. It was that time of year that peonies would steal the show out front and back, as well as the promised … Continue reading Things Gone Wild?

Shades of Hawaii

Blue skies of Hawaii Early morning tropical breezes and spectacular sunsets still waif through my mind of an unforgettable trip with all the females in my family. Daughter, granddaughters, great granddaughters and spices of my grandsons took off for one of those family adventures we are so famous for doing... Walks, swimming, and shopping filled … Continue reading Shades of Hawaii

Hawaii is Beyond Garden Gates

Orchids from Hawaii While developing this website, I considered the name and the broad spectrum of writing about landscaping I hoped to achieve. This blog site required exploring various locations on my bucket list. as well as micro-climates and plant material found within far and away from regions beyond my garden gates. It was the … Continue reading Hawaii is Beyond Garden Gates

Lights Out?

Lights out due to power outage? When the lights go out in the house, lifestyles are disrupted on many levels. Checklists abound of things to do to prepare for power outages as well as what to do after. But where is the list on power outage affecting our garden? Surely there must be a mistake … Continue reading Lights Out?