Dry Shade Winners

Helleborus and Vinca minor in dry land shade garden Over the years, there are two micro climate areas that seem to stump the best of gardeners for a successful outcome. One is hillside planting that I will address next week, and the other is plants to use in dry shade areas. Yet there are wonderful … Continue reading Dry Shade Winners

Like a Child at Christmas

Emerging spring iris among a rusty old tool It's spring. The morning chores can't be completed fast enough. Excitement courses through my body as I recall it did just before Christmas as a child. The difference is the gifts awaiting for this gardener include watching plants come alive after a long winter's nap, and watching … Continue reading Like a Child at Christmas


Liriope muscari and Tete d tete daffodils Who recalls the opening scene of the movie, The Color Purple? The camera panned out to reveal a field of beautiful lavender cosmos. Without watching any further, the producer captured my attention. Color in the garden can cause a head to turn with anyone passing by. It is … Continue reading Color

Re-purposed Veggies?

Romaine lettuce rooting with onion yet to go A friend called me last week asking if I ever grew celery. I could only smile while sharing the short cut version of my successful celery growing experience utilizing celery from my refrigerator. The experience is one that led to seeking other means of creating shortcuts with … Continue reading Re-purposed Veggies?

Beneficial Lavender

Monarch and Bees on Lavender Lavandula, commonly known as lavender, is a plant known by many. Yet it makes me wonder how many people know about its history and use beyond a placeholder for a colorful perennial shrub to grow in a sunny area of the garden. Planting lavender is relatively simple. The plant requires … Continue reading Beneficial Lavender