Autumn Rain

The quiet pitter-patter sound of raindrops seeped into my dream state. The gentle rhythm carried along a magical fragrance in the air that only can be experienced with rain. In my half- dream state, my brain registered that it surely must be the irrigation system. It had to be close enough to five in the … Continue reading Autumn Rain

Beauty Abounds

After a time of flitting about British Columbia, then returning long enough to take off to the coast of California, I finally came home to roost and write. The general consensus of these trips is to declare the beauty found within our land. My annual fly fishing trip just north of Kamloops, BC always includes … Continue reading Beauty Abounds

Big Words

When speaking of such things as mycorrhizae , Philadelphus lewisii or even evapo-transpiration, it seems to mean little to those not familiar with the world of soils, plants and water. As a result, using big non-descriptive words can fail to relate to the essence of good plant growth that those same gardeners may instinctively know … Continue reading Big Words

Beyond My Garden Gate

June spells out preparing for celebrations for many of us. Typically it comes in the form of birthdays, graduations and weddings. This June is no exception for yours truly that included birthdays for two older grandchildren and graduation for the twins - the youngest of my grandchildren that live in Bend, OR. † Refreshing mulch … Continue reading Beyond My Garden Gate

Hilly Challenges

Hillside planting has to be one of the most challenging types of landscaping for so many reasons including erosion, keeping water directed to the root system of plants without runoff, and providing decent soil for the roots to take hold in during initial planting. Just describing issues around hillside planting finds me exhausted! With that … Continue reading Hilly Challenges

Dry Shade Winners

Helleborus and Vinca minor in dry land shade garden Over the years, there are two micro climate areas that seem to stump the best of gardeners for a successful outcome. One is hillside planting that I will address next week, and the other is plants to use in dry shade areas. Yet there are wonderful … Continue reading Dry Shade Winners